Lyman Communications engineers, designs, …solves your communications need. Whether that need be large or small, out in the desert or in the middle of the metropolis we can provide a communications system that delivers the throughput, the up-time, and the redundancy that you need with the support to let you sleep easy at night. Whether you need internet, phone, fax, serial data, video, audio or any combination of them, Lyman Communications can deliver your solution using the most appropriate method, be it satellite, microwave, wireless, fiber, cellular access or copper.


US Satellite Corporation Teleport Operating out of the intermountain teleport centered in the Salt Lake valley of Utah, Lyman Communications has a vast array of connection resources to provide your solution. The unique location of this teleport allows visibility to both AOR (Atlantic Ocean Region) and POR (Pacific Ocean Region) satellites as well as everything in between. The sky is literally the limit! Over five different, diverse path fiber connections, connectivity to the Salt Lake area Vyvx POP and a 100 foot microwave tower provide a wide range of options to source or land your project.





microwave repeaterLyman Communications has a long history of providing phone, fax and internet for temporary, ad-hoc, and emergency incidents, such as forest fires. ICP communications are initially brought online ASAP via satellite based connection. Then the nearest fiber is identified and connected to with microwave repeating radios, increasing the internet bandwidth to that of a typical metropolitan connection, dramatically increasing capabilities and reducing overall costs.

Whether your communications need is temporary or permanent, large or small, contact Lyman Communications to find your solution today!